Year’s End

The last week of school!  Or, at least the last week until summer classes, enrichment programs, internships, and other activities begin.  To think that schooling ends on a date certain—whether the end of a school year or a graduation—is simple misperception.  Well over 150 of our educators will be engaged in workshops, retreats, curriculum development seminars, new sheltered immersion language training, among a host of other professional development opportunities.

This past year has been certainly successful and exciting.  The coming school year looks to be equally promising with innovations of instruction throughout the system.  The new elementary mathematics series will come on board the first day in September.  There will be new scheduling at the middle school along with an exciting upper grades science program.  The high school will continue to see the American Studies iPad program along with freshman classes piloting innovative instructional techniques that exploit the resources of the electronic informational world while honing student skills of organization and judgment.

I especially wish to thank Belmont’s educators for their faithful implementation of the new evaluation system, the Belmont Education Association for helping adapt the system for years to come, and the students who have strived diligently and successfully to grow emotionally, socially, and intellectually.



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