Places to Go for Help

Certainly this spring school vacation week has been different from any other. Besides the bombings themselves, the fact that Belmont was in lock-down on Friday during the critical manhunt may well have an impact on our children for weeks and months ahead.

Our schools continue to be safe places and refuges for all our children and youth. If parents, teachers, or counselors detect anxiety or concern on the part of students, they should certainly bring those concerns to the attention of school staff. Additionally, parents may wish to refer to a couple of excellent websites that provide some useful information about dealing with children’s worries in the light of broad civil crises:

Boston Children’s Hospital has also offered two sites for information that might be helpful:

We all owe our deepest gratitude to the wonderful public safety officers from local, state, and federal jurisdictions. The Belmont Public School district continues to treasure its close, collegial working relationship with the Belmont Police Department and, indeed, with safety officials throughout the state. Those relationships help maintain the security of our schools and the safety of Belmont’s children and youth.


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