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BAR Contributes $10,000

November 5, 2012: The Belmont Public Schools have the good, great fortune of working with many partners who help provide supplemental programs, activities, and resources to support the academic, social, and emotional education of our young. On October 23 at a meeting with METCO parents in Boston, the Belmont School Committee received from Belmont Against Racism (BAR) a generous gift of $10,000 to support transportation and after-school activities for Belmont’s METCO students. The attached picture shows BAR Board Member June Roberts presenting the check to School Committee Chairperson Laurie Graham. Without the contribution from BAR, the opportunities for Belmont METCO students would be considerably less rich.
The school district has a wonderful array of partners and donors who support the district’s mission. The Foundation for Belmont Education, which recently completed its highly successful annual student spelling bee, provides substantial supplemental funding for activities ranging from the iPad innovation classrooms at Belmont High School to complementary science research field programs like Earthwatch. Helping hone the quality of instruction and extracurricular activities are other groups like the Special Education Advisory Council, the respective PTOs and PTAs, the Athletics Booster Organization, and numerous civic organizations and corporations. In this month of Thanksgiving, we need be especially appreciative of the part these groups play in supporting the community’s efforts to educate its young.


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