Wellington Candidate Interviews

October 22, 2012:  This week we will have to make a critical decision about new leadership for the Wellington Elementary School.  Principal Amy Wagner, after her distinguished career, is scheduled to retire at the end of November.  A screening committee has reviewed 19 eligible applicants to be the new principal and has rated candidates according to their applications and in light of three on-site interviews.  We are bringing forward two candidates to meet both professional staff and the community this week. 

Ellen Quirk, an assistant principal at the Bowman Elementary School in Lexington, will meet district employees at 3:00 Monday afternoon, October 22, and be present for a community meeting from 7 – 8 pm Monday evening.  Both events will take place at the Community Room of the Wellington School.

Amy Spangler, formerly an elementary principal in Oregon and currently working with an educational nonprofit organization will also be at the Wellington Community Room on Wednesday, October 24.  The staff interview will be at 3:00; the community forum at 7:00.  Because we have been informed that there is a conflict with the League of Women Voters’ candidates’ night on Wednesday, community members wishing to meet Ms. Spangler are free to attend the 3:00 session.

At each session, we will ask those attending to complete a brief questionnaire about their impressions about the candidate.  The candidates respectively will have met with Assistant Superintendent Janice Darias and me between the school and public sessions.  On Friday, I will meet with the screening committee to review the overall impressions of staff and community.  There are two possible consequences.  Based upon our interviews and research, we will either offer a contract to the better candidate; or, if we do not have reasonable confidence about a good fit, we do have an option of seeking an interim appointment and reinstituting the search.


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