New Goals

October 9:  Now that the 2011-2012 review of the superintendent’s performance has been completed in accord with the new Model System, a superintendent, in the language of the guiding documents, “identifies at least two goals to propose to the school committee:  one related to improving his or her own professional practice and one related to improving student learning.”  I am submitting to the October 9 meeting of the School Committee two proposed goals so that between now and the October 30 meeting committee members may review the draft and comment to me directly before the Committee would vote approval of the two goals at the October 30 meeting.  In addition to these two personal goals, “the superintendent and school committee develop two to four district improvement goals with key strategies and benchmarks.  Once adopted, the professional practice, student learning, and district improvement goals—with their key strategies and benchmarks of progress—become the Superintendent’s Annual Plan.  The plan serves as a basis for assessing the superintendent’s performance.”

From the District Leadership Council, the Superintendent will present to the School Committee, also on October 30, a summative report about the six prevailing district-wide strategic goals that were implemented in April 2011 and conclude this October.  As well, there is a new draft strategic template, based on the three goals developed and approved by the School Committee in February 2012.  After review by the District Leadership Council, that plan will also be proposed for School Committee review as the next iteration of the district’s strategic improvement plan. 

In the meantime, the superintendent’s two proposed goals are as follows: 

1)      In concert with administrators, the joint administrative/Belmont Education Association advisory team, and educators throughout the district, I shall oversee the faithful implementation of a new, comprehensive educator evaluation system that implements the state’s model with the first phase of implement completed by June 2013.

2)      As a coach within the New Superintendent’s Induction Program, the superintendent will continue to acquire knowledge about leadership development, team building, and strategic planning.  He aims to inform—from monthly content sessions and the practical work of coaching individuals new to district leadership—the Belmont Public Schools’ effective leadership practices and programming, in particular for the development of district leadership, hiring and mentoring of new administrators, and long-range strategic planning.


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